About Us

ADVANCE MASS SENDER, Inc. is a successful USA company founded in 2002 and has been running profitable ever since.
ADVANCE MASS SENDER, Inc. is free of venture capital and has never been in debt. We have grown steadily to become a product company out of being purely consultants for a number of years gradually developing our infrastructure to become who we are today. For many years now, we are fully dedicated to our existing products and we no longer do consulting work.
For the last four years we made a lot of successful projects.
Among our customers are the major Countrys such as:
  • Nigeria.
  • Canada.
  • Usa.
  • South Africa.
  • China,
Our software products have been successfully deployed in many organizations such as:
  • US Military departments;
  • public and private schools;
  • universities;
  • major banks around the world.
We are located in USA’s financial capital – San Jose, California.